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By using the code snippet above, you can turn any HTML element into a buy now button.

The possibilities are limitless

You can use AppYard to

Sell your things on someone else’s site
Start with online commerce instantly
Become a successful online retailer
Sell your products, services or software

You want to sell things online, but without all the hassle and costs that comes with a regular webshop. It is time for AppYard, a pop-up shopping cart. You can sell anything on any platform and on anyone’s website, so the applications are limitless.

No sales, No costs

Fair enough

2% Payment provider costs

You can implement the AppYard shopping cart for free in your website. Only when your sales start rolling, our meter starts running. We only benefit when you succeed.

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*Your monthly AppYard costs depend on your actual sales. Payment provider fees are not included. Prices are VAT excl.

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Nothing beats an example

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Not enough details?

Let us explain the concept

AppYard shopping cart provides a method to put your cart in any website. Not just your own, but also in the websites of those who are willing to sell your products or services. Our cart has been succesfully tested on various platforms.

  • Quick integration

    Add the AppYard shopping cart to your website in only minutes and start selling immediately.

  • Pay-Per-Sale

    There is no initial investment needed to start with AppYard shoping cart. You can implement our cart for free. We only charge 2% for your actual sales. That’s a fair deal.

  • Start-up friendly

    AppYard is the best way to explore new business concepts. You can start right away. Sell a product, software, a service or your mother-in-law, as long as it has a price tag.

  • About payments

    Before accepting payments, you have to choose a payment provider. They cover a range of common payment methods.

    Each payment provider demands its paperwork. However, for those who just want to start right away, the Ginger Payments option is instantly available in AppYard. Ginger Payments charges no monthly fee.

    While the payment provider handles the money, we focus on providing a user friendly shopping cart.

  • Technical stuff

    To apply the AppYard shopping cart in your website, two steps are needed.

    First you have to place a piece of Javascript code into your website HTML template.

    Next you can put buy-buttons near the items you want to sell. We provide a generator to create the code for those buttons.

    No geeks required

  • Getting started

    It all starts with leaving your e-mail address in the signup form. Shortly after submitting, you will receive an invite e-mail. Click on the link provided, to trigger a sequence of steps.

    First we need to know who you are. Don’t worry, your name and password are sufficient.

    Next we ask you to fill out some company details and select a payment provider. Now you are ready to roll.